Place of Grace:  Acceptance, forgiveness, and community in Christ.

At Place of Grace, we offer a warm and loving atmosphere in which to seek a closer relationship with Christ. We realize that the development of this relationship is a lifelong journey. We are all sinners on this journey together, and welcome all to grow with us.

At Place of Grace, you will find sinners, accepted by Christ.  At Place of Grace, we leave our baggage at the door and we focus on developing our relationship with Christ. Since we are all sinners, we learn to love one another as Christ has taught us. All are accepted as a gift of God.  At Place of Grace we diligently pursue a Christ-like character.

Thank you for visiting the Place of Grace web site. We hope that your stay here is enjoyable and that you gain a blessing it. Come and fellowship with us, we meet every Sabbath morning at 10:00 am at the Senior Center, just down the street from the Keene Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Please check back frequently for updates and schedules.

May God bless!


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